Silverspot – uk

SILVER SPOT I.KOKKINOS – N. SARRIS is a Greek Company which deals with the production and trade of silver items.

Our elaborate products are intended for the most demanding markets such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon and so on.


ampelosHaving a deep respect for the particularly religious products we produce, we offer a great variety of topics with modern technique and excellent quality always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and guarantee so that consumers can be absolutely secure about their choice.

The creation of new topics with the required beauty is our offer to the needs of markets.

All images are loyal copies of the original hagiography icons depicted in wood, silver and canvas.


Our effort to penetrate international markets has made us broaden our production with silver frames, office items, decorative items, gifts, items for marriage and children’s series (album – photo frame).



Our customers’ satisfaction is the greatest reward for us so that we can keep our effort.


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